SARCOPENIA Sarcopenia is defined as a geriatric syndrome characterised by a progressive decrease in skeletal muscle mass, resulting in loss of strength and function.
The SarQoL questionnaire is designed to assess quality of life of sarcopenic patients.

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Sarcopenia is associated with some adverse clinical outcomes such as physical impairment, limitation of mobility, decreased quality of life, increased risk of falls, hospitalization and mortality.
As of today, the association between sarcopenia and degraded quality of life (QoL) has been little studied.
In this context, scientists from different countries have decided to develop a sarcopenia specific QoL questionnaire, called SarQoL (for Sarcopenia & Quality of Life), and designed for community-dwelling elderly subjects aged 65 years and older. The final version of the questionnaire consists of 55 items translated into 22 questions. The SarQoL is easy to complete, independently, in approximately 10 minutes.